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2022 Geometry Animation

Ice Skating

Nicole Davis.jpg

Bio: Nicholle Davis is a 14-year-old at Central Park East High School. She likes to listen to music, watch YouTube, and write. She’s been writing books for 6 years and is hoping to one day animate parts from her book. 


What I liked about the project: It gave me an opportunity to learn how to animate, which is something that I’ve always wanted to learn. Now, I draw a lot more often, and I’m planning on making more animations soon!

Game Point


Hi! My name is Jaylin. I am a 9th grader in Central Park East H.S. I like volleyball. My favorite part of the project was planning it. 


Hey! My name is Jade. I’m a 9th grader in Central Park East. I like volleyball. My favorite part of the project was seeing the outcome and all the scenes put together.



Hi! My name is Naoreen. Math is my favorite subject because it is fun. In my free time I like to just chill and dance!


Leslie Cortes is a 9th grader who likes to draw and listen to music. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and Art!


Shará is a freshman in Central Park East High School, an honors graduate from West Prep Academy. Shará is a female that goes by the pronouns she/her/hers and is a very independent child who loves Jesus Christ and money. Her favorite hobbies to do in her free time are shopping, braiding her hair, eating and trying new things. And she really enjoys helping others!


Musab-Enjoys listening to people and learning new things.


Zahraa, Leila.jpg

My name is Laila and I’m interested in food (especially desserts), skincare, and youtube. 


My name is Zahraa Ally, I hope to become a psychologist, and my favorite part of working on this project was finding out that my graph paper wasn’t printed correctly.

FNAF Crossover



Fun fact: Hi, my name is Sebastien Roques. I am french. My favorite part of doing the project was the editing part because it was when we saw all the pieces of the project combine together and create a masterpiece.



Hi, my name is Tasmiah Saadi! I personally am into art. My favorite part of the project was actually coming up with the idea because as someone who was and still is part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) fandom and heavily into the lore, I found myself really inspired by this project and even supported me in creating what is now a mini movie. :) 


Jose: My name is Jose Osorio, and I’ve always loved FNAF for a long while and have always wanted to incorporate it into something school related and now that I could've, I really have gotten a passion for seeing a Live video of fnaf. My personal favorite part of this project was just going through and just seeing the recreational drawings of the FNAF locations.



Hi, my name is Ilda Radoncic. A fun fact about me is that I’m interested in animations because it seems really cool to see all the pieces put together and displayed as a whole. I find it fun when viewing multiple different clips and pictures put into a clean and realistic video. The best part about doing the project was watching the animation take place and seeing how it all turned out since we were able to see how our ideas were portrayed in this project.


Katherine: Hello my name is Katherine Pesantez. A fun fact about me would be that this was my very first time making an animation using the drawing we had created. My personal favorite part of this project would have to be the creation of the drawings and seeing the very cool animation that was made using the drawings we created.


Amelie: Hello my name is Amelie Donzo. A fun fact about me is that I'm a multi-sport athlete. My favorite part in making this project was the coloring and drawing aspects of all the slides. It was really special when the project all came together and it really showed how much we worked and collaborated together.

Tom and Jerry


Priscilla: Hi I’m Priscilla, a fun fact about me is that I have 4 birds and a cat. The best part about the project was working together with my peers and seeing the final animation come to life after our hard work. 

Magaly: One fun fact is I like to listen to music, and the best part of doing the project was the collaboration and how we each got to draw and color. 

Tisha: Hi I’m Tisha, I love drawing all sorts of stuff. The best part of the project was seeing all the scenes we drew come together and form an animation. It was really cool!

Kimberly: One fun fact about me is that I love to listen to music, and the best part about the project was getting to draw the scenes and then put them together in order to make the video.

Soleil: Hi I’m Soleil, I love music and drawing, and my favorite part of this project was putting all the drawings together at the end to make an animation. 

Under The Sea

Leo, Andy, Raheem, Adrien, Jeremy.jpg

Leonel-I like to draw and get to know people. I like to help out and to be there for people whenever I can be.


My name is Raheem. I like playing sports, video games and hanging out with friends. I’m kind, passionate and friendly. Nice to meet you!


AJ Edwards

-into the arts (music, acting, drawing, etc)

-likes video games




I like to play piano

I like to play video games


Andy is interested in sci-fi movies and gaming.

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