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Energy Conservation & Sustainability

Central Park East High School

Energy Conservation Efforts at CPEHS:

  • Improving our sorting and recycling: Check out our hallway bins!!

  • COMPOSTING in the Cafeteria

  • Refilling water bottles at our refill stations

  • Learning to grow vegetables (e.g., spinach, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers) in our new Garden (alongside the front of the school--come take a look!)

  • Working with the elementary schools in the building to increase building-wide savings

  • Hosted a sustainability story contest

  • Using surge protectors to turn off all computers and electronics at the end of the day

  • Challenging students, teachers, and other school staff to save more and waste less (e.g., reuse/recycle paper)

  • Conducted a TerraCycling drive

  • Incorporating energy-conservation lessons in physics, living environment, Earth Science, math. and sustainability classes

  • Sending reminders to turn off all lights and ACs before leaving classrooms and offices

  • Created hallway posters and signs to promote recycling and conservation efforts

The Green Team:

The mission of the CPEHS green team is to promote sustainability and environmentally-conscious practices inside and outside of our school. We explore and support sustainability efforts such recycling, TeraCycling, gardening, composting,  and sustainable energy. Please see Dr. Moll or Ms. Boccafola if you are interested in joining. 

Sustainability Awards:

2016 GrowNYC Recycling Champions

2016 NYC’s Team Up To Clean Up Contest Winners

2015 & 2016  Super Recycler Award Winners

2015 Golden Apple Award Winners

Energy Conservation Tips:

  • Turn off lights before leaving your classroom. ​

  • Turn off computers, projectors, and SMARTboards. When appliances are on standby, they are often still using electricity.​

  • Unplug appliances or use a power strip and turn it off at the end of each school day.​

  • Use a fan instead of an AC whenever possible!​

  • Turn off lights and roll up shades when it's bright out. There’s no need for artificial lighting when you have the sun!​

  • Don’t use your electronic gadgets during school so you won’t need to charge them.​

  • Put computers not in use on sleep mode during the day. 

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